Jess Randall
The fiddle you know and the fiddle you don’t

Jess Randall entangles her classical background with a gut-wrenching no-holds-barred approach to traditional fiddling styles. She has toured Europe, The UK, Scandinavia and Australia on many occasions with her other musical love, The Crooked Fiddle Band.

Jess is the fiddle’s advocate when it comes to natural acoustic tone. She disdains artificial effects and uses traditional strings, hair, wood and some good old fashioned angst to produce sounds relevant to both medieval and modern times, showing just how much is possible between a violin and a bow, or three.

Jess’ love of ‘faster than you can actually play’ Romanian fiddle style and appreciation of it’s parallelism with hard-driving bluegrass set her off on a quest to train-wreck the genres into something more than the sum of it’s parts, finally emerging with Devil on the Rooftop.


Morgan Haselden
Guitar makes work for idle hands

Morgan began his musical journey as many Australian guitarists do, sitting on the side of his bed playing rock/folk/pop styles whilst recording his favourite songs from the radio onto cassette and dreaming of cunning strategies to outsmart his poker opponents. Eventually he pursued the classical path into a Bachelor of Music majoring in classical guitar with Greg Pikler at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. During this time he earned two scholarships and scored HDs for his yearly recitals each year for 4 years. The secret to his success was judiciously drinking milk to enhance the strength and beauty of his carefully crafted fingernails.

The first to tell you the devil is in the detail, Morgan has spent many an hour arranging pieces for his Grapelli/Django influenced duo, Mimosa, who have been going strong for 6 years and are making a name for themselves in the gypsy jazz genre. With this act Morgan has performed all over Australia including at the Sydney Opera House, he has toured toured, and performed on cruise ships around the world on the high seas.

With unblinking eyes and gritted teeth, a bead of sweat rolls into Morgan’s crazed grin as he stands at the ready, there is a Devil on the Rooftop and he can’t miss a beat!

Thomas Wade
Caught between the bass and the deep blue sea

Exploring one style of music has never been enough. From classical to reggae, bluegrass to jazz, folk to electronica, Sydney bassist Thomas Wade has created a seemingly unique musical language.

Performing throughout Australia, America and Japan, Thomas has found himself in a vastly diverse and ever-changing musical landscape that has fed into the way that he approaches his instruments and the music he coaxes from them.

Having such an eclectic musical upbringing has made itself evident in the array of sonic textures found in Thomas’ music. Hitting, scraping, screeching mixed with tender, round warm double bass sounds to dizzying highs and bowel crushing low synth noises can be expected by audiences in many of Thomas’ shows.

Recently Thomas has been touring extensively with critically acclaimed band The Pigs, also with Arabesk and The Midnight Tea Party. Other current projects include: The String Cartel, The Pia Andersen Trio, That Redhead and Daniel Weltlinger with plenty more exciting music planned through 2017 and beyond…